Saturday, August 22, 2009

Update on my girls

Cassie is 17 months old today. And mama thinks she's the smartest girl ever. Here's a sample of how smart my girl is:

1. She can pant like a puppy.
2. She can quack like a duck. And not just 'quack-quack' like her mama can, she does it like Donald Duck does and how dada does it. Of course I think that's the best ever.
3. She hasn't watched the Baby Signing Times dvd in about a month. Then one day last week while eating she made the sign for "more". Really. I had given up on using the signs with her so she remembered that from a month ago. Smart cookie. Now she uses the "more" sign every day.
4. She is the best refrigerator door shutter ever.
5. She learned how to climb in and out of her toddler bed this week. Until a few weeks ago, she had been taking her naps in the living room. We decided a few weeks ago that we'd try naps in her crib in her bedroom. After lowering the mattress to the lowest setting we realized that she was simply too tall for the crib. We didn't plan on having such a tall girl. So we just made the crib into its toddler bed configuration -- for future use. We moved her pack-and-play into her room for naps until then. I took a picture today of Cassie climbing in and out of her toddler bed. Right now it's just some place to play. (pictures below)

I could go on and on about how smart my baby is but I don't want to make everyone jealous. :) So I'll stop there.

As for Chloe, we are working on getting our dossier completed. Everything is done except for two things. We are still waiting on our agency to review our new home study. From what I'm told they now take about 3 weeks to be reviewed. Yes, I was shocked too. Deep breaths. They have had it since the 12th. Not that I'm counting the days or anything like that. :) The other thing that needs to be done is for the rest of our dossier documents to be authenticated by the Chinese Consulate in Chicago. I shipped them off on Wednesday and they should be back in my hands in the next 7-10 days. Once the home study is complete, I'll have to mail it to Chicago for authentication, but we'll hire a courier for that -- it's quicker that way. Once that is complete, it's off to China with the dossier. The goal for now is to mail our completed dossier to China by September 18. (Our agency sends packages to China every Friday). I was really hoping for the 4th but I don't see that happening right now. I'll keep everyone posted.

Check out the posts below. There are pictures and video of Cassie.


Melissa said...

It is amazing what these little girls are able to absorb and then all of a sudden show you they were paying attention. Sounds like she is doing so well!
Hang in there with Chloe's dossier. Like you said, deep breaths. It will be done before you know it.

Lesa said...

She sure is growing! Love all of her antics.
It isn't ever a bad thing to brag about your kid!

I hope they review the dossier. It is so wild how long things take. It will happen though.

Dana said...

You have an amazing little girl for sure! Exciting news about the dossier for Chloe. I sure hope we get to meet up again one day to see Cassie and meet Chloe!

Susan said...

She'll be reading medical journals in no time, then helping to plan all future doctor's appointments for you all ; )

Shelley said...

Sherry, Thank you for writing on my blog. I am so excited that you are already in the process to go back. What wonderful, wonderful news! Adoption is an amazing thing and people who haven't experienced it really don't understand how it changes you. I will be following along on your journey to Chloe. Is her correctable need one that I am familiar with, by any chance? : )
Take care, shelley

Sherry said...

Shelley. Yes, it is.