Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Chloe picture

Why....because she's just adorable. Isn't she?

There's a family in Nanjing right now with their new son and they visited the orphanage today -- Tuesday in China. It was nap time so they couldn't visit with Chloe but one of the nannies took the family's camera into the nap room to get a picture of Chloe for us. She looks like they woke her up. Poor baby. But, I still love the picture. Everyday we are one day closer to holding her.


Dana said...

OMG Sherry she is just so adorable and squeezable!!!! Yes, it totally looks like they woke her up:)Bet you can't wait to see that sleepy face in person! I just can't wait to hear what Cassie thinks of her younger(barely)sister.

Pam said...

She has the cutest button nose and the most beautiful brown eyes. Even barely awake, the girl is adorable. Come on, TA!

Lesa said...

AWWWWW!!! You can tell actually how tiny she is up beside the Nanny. Gee the TA just has to come on in!!!

Oh, and share all you want.... I can't get enough of her.

Amy, Jeff, & Ashton said...

yippee! OMG she IS so so stinking cute. we are singing "get her home" chants from the east coast -- hopefully those in china can hear it and get moving on the final paperwork :)