Friday, December 18, 2009

I got all I wanted for Christmas.....................

OUR LSC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Jewel is officially ours. The call came today at 5:39pm.
On day 82 of waiting.

Now on to the good stuff -- more stats on Chloe:

Chloe was born on June 20, 2008
(that makes her exactly 90 days younger than her sister)

Chloe is currently living in an orphanage in Nanjing, which is in the Jiangsu province.

Since November 2008 she has been in the Half the Sky little sisters program.

Chloe has a repaired cleft lip and a cleft palate that still needs to be repaired.

Chloe's cleft lip is on the right side -- Cassie's is on the left side -- God gave me a matching set of little angels to love. :)

On Sunday Chloe turns 18 months old, and on Tuesday Cassie turns 21 months old.

And -- for the first time ever -- Cassie called me 'mama' today without being coaxed. Such a wonderful day!!!

We have three different sets of pictures on Chloe -- in the three posts below.


Cynthia said...

Woo Hoo!!!! Yippeee!!! Jumping for Joy!!!! I am so happy for you. Who thought the the 3 letters "LSC" could bring so much joy. I am sooooo happy for all of you. What are they saying is your target travel time period. I hope the end of January so we are there together along with Mary. That would be such a blast. Love the pictures of Chole. She is beautiful and looks like a very happy baby. Congratulations.

Lynn said...

I am so excited for you!! Even if you have to travel alone. (remember, Susan and I got everything on the same day and then they ended up traveling two weeks earlier since there are so few guides now)

Chloe is so, so sweet and I love that they are so close in age. Cassie is officially a big sister!!

Melissa said...

Oh wow! I am crying tears of joy for you and Sonny. What great news to share right before the holidays! I also love the pics. She is precious! You are one lucky mama. Also, so glad Cassie called you mama today! What a great day indeed! I have been checking your blog whenever I get a chance to see if there are any updates. Hugs!!!

3peas1pod said...

Yeah!!!! I kept checking my your blog this week. Was hoping for a christmas miracle! I still think Chloe and Cassie favor each other.

Pam said...

Loved looking at all the pictures of Chloe! She does look like a very happy baby. Two're gonna LOVE it. Congrats on LSC. Truly, the best Christmas present ever.

M & M said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift. So happy for you guys. Chloe is so precious and Congrats on Cassie calling you mama.