Monday, January 04, 2010

Home improvements projects

Kind of a boring post I know -- but I promised I would show these. Sonny and I laid the floor in the the dining room two Saturdays before Christmas and they Sonny and a friend - thank you Randy - laid the living room floor the Sunday after Christmas. We love the floors!!! Our carpet in the living room was gross. It was still the carpet from when we had the house built 6 years ago and about 9 months after we moved in the builder had to take up part of the carpet to fix a problem with the floor and it was never re-stretched right and it had a wrinkle in it -- of course in the middle of the room. Plus, with Thunder's stomach problems it was a mess. It was either buy new carpet or do laminate -- it was almost the same price.

So here is the end results - in the posts below.

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DiJo said...

Hi! I saw your post about your blog over at GW!
Chloe is DARLING! Congratulations!!! I know what a blessing it is to receive updated photos! We had the same gift right before Christmas!! I am glad to hear your group got your Travel emails this week.. We are hopefully close to receiving our TA too!!! I look forward to celebrating with our group soon!