Thursday, January 14, 2010

We have our TA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke 1:37 - For nothing is impossible with God.

That verse is so true. He has lead on us this journey and He has been there for me the whole time. I know He was there with me for Cassie's adoption too -- I just wasn't as good of a listener then. While I was whining Tuesday about not having our TA, it was being delivered to our agency. However, I didn't get the news until Wednesday after they were trying to get our CA (consulate appointment). On Tuesday I knew our agency had received TAs -- I assumed ours wasn't in the package since I didn't get a phone call or email saying it had arrived. Although I knew all this information and all signs pointed to no TA for us this week - for some reason I was still hopeful. And the verse above -- Luke 1:37 -- popped into my head at least 4 or 5 times during the day Tuesday. I knew there was a reason for that. There was something deep inside me -- no it wasn't something I ate either -- that was telling me not to lose hope. And we all know Who and What that was. God has my back - so to speak - on this journey and I just need to keep trusting in Him.

Now that we have our TA we need a CA too. Our agency is trying to get our appointment set for the 8th of February. As of this morning they still didn't have a confirmation....yet. Please pray with me that it will be here tomorrow morning. If or should I say when we get that confirmation I can book our flights that the travel agency has on hold for us. They are on hold until tomorrow. So tomorrow needs to be the day. That would have us leaving on Friday the 29th of January - or in 14 more days. Our gotcha day -- the day we get to finally lay eyes on our second little angel -- would be Monday February 1st. We need Chloe on the 1st as much as she needs us. She just doesn't know she needs us yet.

I'll update you all as soon as I know more. In the mean time please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.



Melissa said...

I will be praying for you Sherry. As someone who very impatiently had to wait for our CA to get travel plans set up, I can understand your anxiousness. It will happen so soon and before you know it you will be off to get that precious little girl of yours!

DiJo said...

It's going to happen!!! I just know it!!


3peas1pod said...


Shawn, Shelley, Emily, Sarah, Lauren, AnnaGrace and Avery said...

Sherry!! Praying for that CA! Oh, I am so excited that you are so close now. Keep us posted. Shelley

Pam said...

Wahooooooooooo! Great news! I hope you hear something on CA first thing in the morning!

Deb B said...

Yippeee!!!! We are so happy for you guys - back to China in less than a year! Woohoo!
It seems like we just got back doesn't it?
Happy Chloe days! I know our Chloe days are pretty wonderful! Two is pretty interesting!
Happy travels!
Deb, Steve, Sophia and Huan Huan (our Chloe)

groovy mama said...

oh this is Wonderful, can't wait to see your photos and here your story of your proecious one!