Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Updated on Thursday the 21st -- changes in purple.

Here's our itinerary for our trip:

01/29/10 - Fly to LA, then to Guangzhou.
01/31/10 - Arrive in Guangzhou, then fly to Nanjing -- arrive in Nanjing at 12:05pm -- China time. (which is 13 hours ahead of us in est).
02/01/10 - Go to Civil Affairs Bureau and pick up CHLOE at 10am!!!!! Shopping at 11am.
02/02/10 - Go back to the Civil Affairs Bureau and do paperwork at 9am.
02/03/10 - Visit the orphanage at 9am and sightseeing tour to Xuanwu Park at 2pm.
02/04/10 - Sightseeing tour to Fuzi Temple in the morning.
02/05/10 - Pick up Chloe's passport at 1:30pm, fly to Guangzhou at 4pm, arriving at 6pm.
02/06/10 - Go get Chloe's visa photo and medical exam at 9am.
02/07/10 - Sightseeing tour to Chen Family Temple in the morning.
02/08/10 - Our guide will take our documents to the American Consulate.
02/09/10 - Go to American Consulate at 3pm for our oath-taking ceremony.
02/10/10 - Our guide will pick up Chloe's visa at 3:30pm, flight back to LA leaves at 9pm.
02/11/10 - Arrive home at 6:02am.


Lesa said...

I can't wait, Sherry!!!!

Susan said...

Hey, didn't you guys already see the Chen Family Temple? Might think about trying to arrange something different. Or, just stay and enjoy the island... shopping with Anne, perhaps. I can't believe I'm finally seeing an itinerary!!!!

3peas1pod said...

Yippee! Who is your guide?

Sherry said...

Susan, yes we were at the Chen Family Temple in May. But, I want to go back there to buy some more art for the walls. You know - more shopping. And I emailed Ann today to set up a shopping appt.

Deborah, Jane is our guide in Nanjing and Kelly again in GZ.

Dana said...

So neat that you get to have Kelly again in Guangzhou! And you will be doing your swearing in ceremony on Makenna's 2cnd birthday! I remember our ceremony with Cassie and Makenna and how you told me the minute you got home you were turning in paperwork for your next adoption. And now here you are, ready to head back for your second precious baby girl. I could just cry thinking about it. So happy for you:)

Pam said...

Looking forward to daily posts from China. Do you think you'll be able to manage it this time with TWO girls occupying every spare moment?

Sherry said...

Pam -- I'm going to try. It might be during the night when I post. Or during nap time. Cassie still takes 1 long or 2 short naps a day. So I'm hoping to get the girls to take at least one nap a day.

Desiree' said...

found your blog through Danielle. (love her!!) We will be going to Nanjing as soon as our LOA comes...(day 98, ugh!!) May I ask where in Jiangsu your daughter is?? You can contact me through my profile. Our daughter is in Xuzhou...