Friday, February 05, 2010

Newest member of the family - taking a snooze. As you can see, she's sweating. It's about 50 degrees outside but we've got her dressed for winter in the Arctic circle. Better that than being acosted by the self-appointed clothing police, who are EVERYWHERE. Any person walking the street takes it upon themselves to point out to us that anything less than 19 million layers of clothing will likely lead to instant death for the child, or worse. When in Rome...

A few seconds before or after the previous photo. There's Dadda wearing his fall coat and his favorite accessory, a cute little girl named Cassie.

Here's the sibling rivalry in action. Chloe on the left has a bag of goodies. Cassie is eyeing it, thinking about snatching it away. Meanwhile, the balance of toys is heavily tilted in Cassie's favor. She's even got two "Violets", the stuffed purple puppy. This is a work in progress

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Lesa said...

What a cute little tummy Chloe has, but it may be from being upset?

I know you are happy to be in GZ.