Friday, February 05, 2010

Halfway there - we've made it to Guangzhou

We've made it to Guangzhou.   We received Chloe's passport 1:30pm Friday.   We needed to get her passport in her home (i.e. birthplace) province before traveling to Guangzhou.    For casual followers, there are U.S. Consulate offices is many cities across China.   But only one of those offices has the authority to issue entry visas to the United States, and that office is located in Guangzhou.   Chloe, while officially ours in the eyes of China as of Tuesday February 2, is still a Chinese citizen.   The fact that she is our daughter does not automatically make her a U.S. citizen, so she cannot simply board a plane to the U.S. like any U.S. citizen.     She must be granted an entry visa, and that will happen here in Guangzhou.


Guangzhou, or at least Shamian Island which is located in Guangzhou, is something of a home away from home for us.  We've been here twice.   It is a highly westernized location.  We built a family in this city.    It feels like we are half-way home, even though we still are 19+ hours of plane ride and untold hours of layover away from home.


It's been a difficult couple of days.   Chloe came down with a monster case of diarrhea, complete with diaper blowout.   A few incidents were so bad that we decided to cut her clothes off, rather than pull them off and dragging fresh awful all over her in the process.   Yuck.    But we have come to the conclusion that the issue is lactose intolerance, a fairly common problem for Chinese people.    Cassie has no issues, but Chloe apparently does.   We've switched her to soy-based formula as of today.   The next few days will be telling.    There is a doctor's clinic located right in our hotel, and we are prepared with a handful of electrolyte delivery options, so we'll be ok one way or another.


I meant to post a few new pics last night, but we were locked in a knock-down, drag-out battle with Chloe to get her to sleep.   When she finally settled down, I started to type up a post, but she started fussing, so I called it quits for the evening.


Once again, we're exhausted, so only a few pics tonight.  


Pam said...

So sorry Chloe has been feeling poorly. Here's hoping the soy milk does wonders for you all. I'm sure it feels good to be in GZ...and to see Mary and Cynthia and their girls, what a blessing. Hopefully, the week goes fast, and you will be on your way home with your two sweeties before you know it.

Melissa said...

So happy to hear you made it safely to Guangzhou! I hope that Chloe's tummy problems are doing better. That is not fun for anyone involved. Enjoy your time in that great place, eat some good food at Lucy's and you will be home before you know it. I love the pic of the girls on the bed together by the way. Too cute!

Lesa said...

I had wondered about the formula. I sure hope that is what it is and it will calm down.

Drea said...

Yikes! Cutting the clothes off! that must have been bad because I know how you love the clothes! haha! I'm glad to hear you made it safely to the next part of your journey. Take it easy, and hang in there! I hope that Chloe is feeling better already! Take care you guys!