Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas fun

We have a great little park about 2 minutes from us with a lake, historic buildings from the city, library, and an activities building. They do a Christmas display every year and we finally got to go on Saturday. The girls loved it and had a really fun time -- until we asked them to sit on Santa's lap. Cassie went into complete meltdown mode. And she was so excited to see him before we got there, we preped her and talked about it and from a distance she was fine with seeing Santa. Up close -- another story. Then of course Chloe fed off of Cassie's distress. It was ugly -- at least we were smart enough to wait to see Santa until the very end. Since we already paid for the picture when we paid to go in -- it was for a local food bank fundraiser so we couldn't use our own camera -- Sonny and I ended up sitting in front of Santa and Mrs. Claus with the girls on our laps. And mama ran out of time getting the girls ready and didn't do my hair and makeup. That will teach me to get up earlier when we have plans. And no -- I didn't include that picture. I couldn't get the girls to stand with their backs to any of the displays -- they were a little afraid of that -- maybe next year.


Melissa said...

I bet next year they will be ready to conquer Santa together. I LOVE the pic of them both looking over the little fence. So cute!

Heather Hale said...

Gosh, your girls are so beautiful. Too bad Cassie didn't take to Santa. It happens. He's kind of scary up close and personal. Merry Christmas!