Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas morning...need I say more

Cassie's sitting on her new privy, but she doesn't really know what it is. An hour after this shot, she was putting food in it.

Feeding a carrot to Butterscotch the Pony. Grandma and Grandpa Spring worked with Santa to make sure that the girls got Butterscotch this year. Butterscotch is pretty cool. She chews on the carrot, and responds to all kinds of things - sight, sound, and petting.

Chloe's first lipgloss. Apparently this is a tasty variety, as it became a snack shortly after she opened it.

Cassie jumping for joy. It was a pretty neat trick for Momma to capture this because the camera usually has a 1 second delay between the time you push the button and it takes the picture.


Heather Hale said...

Number 1: I LOVE that potty. It's so cool that it looks so much like a real toilet. Where did you find that?

Number 2: I suddenly do not feel like I went so terribly overboard with Emmalyne's presents at all! ;-)

groovy mama said...

What type of potty is that! Ella is not wanting to use a potty.....Love the pics, so good of the girls. Chloe is not a baby anymore!

Happy new year