Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Outside toys...playing outside...finally

Cassie really didn't want anything to do with being outside when we first came home. She was ok with being in the back yard -- if she was being carried -- which got old for mama really fast. I'd set her down on the deck or grass and she cried to be picked back up. So needless to say we didn't spend much time outside. She liked her world really small -- the inside of the house was about all she could handle. In the last few weeks she now loves being on the deck. She finds leaves and sticks and thinks they are the best toys ever -- until she realizes that she has dirt on her hands -- she doesn't like dirt on her hands. She'll even walk on the grass now. So we figured it was time to get her some toys for outside. A few weeks ago we saw pink baby-toddler swings on clearance for $15. So of course we bought two of them. We wanted to buy one before but we didn't have a tree to hang it from that could support the swing or that had branches low enough. But we did have my nieces old swing set in the side yard. Sonny decided to take the old swings off, clean it up and paint it pink and purple. He finished it up this weekend. Then on Sunday we went and bought this little slide and climber at the toy store. We also found a sandbox / picnic table combo set at Sam's we wanted but needed the trailer to go get it. So yesterday we went and picked that up. It's very cute all except for the sand box cover doesn't really snapping on. But a bungee cord seems to work really well to solve that problem. We haven't bought any sand yet but will this week. Cassie really seems to love all her new toys. And mama is glad we have something to do during the day. The weather is starting to get a little cooler and it's perfect for playing outside. Since the slide works better with long pants anyways.

She wasn't too sure about the slide at first -- but after about 15 minutes she was going down it all by herself.

She is giggling here - not screaming. After about 5 minutes on the swing we took her off. She then protested by squatting down in front of the swing and fake crying -- until we pointed out the slide and the crying stopped. Funny how that works.

This was yesterday right after dada set up the new play set. It came with two shovels and flower pots. Just wait until she has sand to fill them with.

Here's the new play area. It's right off the deck -- the deck is to the left of these pictures. When the girls get bigger and more secure we'll move the play area to the side yard which is huge compared to this little spot.

All that's missing from this picture is Chloe. I can't wait to see my girls playing together. While I have margaritas on the deck with my feet up and the pool boy rubbing them.


Susan said...

I hope to be joining you for those margarita's next summer! Love seeing Cassie enjoying new things and the great outdoors ; ) Where's Teyha and her ball?

M & M said...

Love all the new play toys. I was thinking of that table/sand box set myself but figured our summer is almost over and we could wait on the sand box.

I agree all that is missing is Chloe and it won't be long now.

Pam said...

Great new toys for both of your girls. You think Cassie is having fun now...just wait until you have two of them tearing around the backyard!

Lesa said...

Oh what fun your girls are going to have playing together on all of the new play equipment.
Maybe next summer we can come and play too.