Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Too cute Tuesday

Not much to say today. The past week has been crazy trying to get our dossier completed. As soon as I have some good news to share about the dossier - I'll post more on it. I'm hoping to post about it on Friday. You know this coming Friday. In 3 more days. The 18th. That Friday.

Until then here's some cute pictures of my little munchkin. The first picture is Cassie getting ready for breakfast. I was frying an egg for her and she went and got a bib out of the bib basket and put the bib and her bottle on my chair -- next to her highchair. She's such a sweet girl and such the helper. When she first came home she'd scream if she smelled food -- I think she had gone without it so many times, then if she smelled food she'd stand at the stove and cry for a bite, then it was stand near the stove and say mmmmmm, and now my baby girl knows she'll get food. She has come such a long ways in 4 short months. Tomorrow will mark the day we have been home with Cassie for 4 months.


Lynn said...

Wow. 4 months already. Now time flies, doesn't it? She is "too cute" everyday -

Pam said...

Looks to me like she's grown. Has she? Time does fly, and it's amazing how these little ones change, physically and emotionally, in such a short period of time. Love, love, love seeing new pix.

Melissa said...

She has come a long way. You must be on proud/patient mommy. I love the pic of her with the hoodie on. Darby always want the hoods on her head too. Good luck with completing the dossier. I know you can do it!

Sherry said...

Yep Lynn, 4 whole months. Most days yes, it does seem like time had flown by. I can't believe it's already fall here.

Pam, yes I think she's grown too -- a lot -- she goes to the dr Friday for her 18 month check-up so we'll know for sure then. Her 6 - 12 month and 9 month outfits are way too short. I just had to move her into 12 month clothes for fall -- just for the length in the pants. But, Gymboree 12 - 18 month clothes are still a little big on her.

Melissa, yes I'm so proud of her. And on the hoodie -- she hates it or anything on her head or in her hair. I had to snap that picture really fast because it was off in no time.

3peas1pod said...

Wow!! What a sweet little girl! She looks so at home. Can't wait for Friday's post!