Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 7

So it's been one week since surgery. And we made it this far without any major injuries to Cassie's lip. However, she did wake up with dried blood on her bottom lip and part of the incision site. I'm sure she rubbed it on the blanket or something similar to that. I got scared when I first saw it then figured there was really nothing to get upset over -- what was done was done -- but in the end it was fine. Just a little more swollen than it was yesterday. Plus, she handed me another stitch that fell out -- I sure hope it's ok that they are falling/coming out. I guess we'll find out tomorrow at our Dr. appointment.

To add to the excitement around here, Chloe decided not to nap today and to start potty training herself. She actually did really good for an hour or two and peed 3 times on her potty. But then Cassie had an accident -- creating two loads of laundry -- then requested a princess pull-up. That ended the potty training for Chloe -- she only wanted a princess pull-up and was then peeing in her pull-up. Actually I'm kind of glad -- I don't have the energy to potty train them this week or next or maybe even the week after that. Why do they have to make pull-ups so appealing?

Here are the mug-shots from tonight. Cassie just hates having me take lip pictures. And if she would actually keep clothes on I could take normal pictures of her -- not just head shots.

If her lips look a little gooey, it's because I keep Aquaphor slathered on at all times. It's not a good look, but it keeps them from drying out.


groovy mama said...

Looking great, i think...very kissable, watch the boys!

Heather Hale said...

Pull-ups are evil. They make it very easy to NOT take a child to the potty. Oh well. Take your time. You have other things to focus on right now. I hope you get good news at today's appointment. I'll be waiting to see.