Saturday, January 15, 2011

We must be crazy.....

to be going back downtown for Chloe's dental work today -- just three days after Cassie's surgery. For the record, we didn't really plan it like this. Cassie's surgery was scheduled for February 1 but there was cancellation in the surgeon's schedule this week so we jumped at the chance to get it done early.

Yesterday was a LONG day for me. Sonny went to work and that left me alone with both girls. Actually the day time was really ok, other than the fact that Cassie didn't nap until 3:30pm. It also appears that the codeine is making her nervous and a little wired. This happened after her morning dose yesterday and her dose at dinner time. It was a long night. It was 1:15am when Cassie finally gave in and went to sleep. She is just "not herself". This morning she got plain old children's Tylenol. I think as long as we keep her quiet and just plopped on the couch watching tv, other than today's trip to the dentist, she'll be fine.

At dinner last night, she hit her mouth on the kitchen table and it started to bleed a tiny, tiny bit. Then at night as she was jumping around and doing somersaults in her crib -- with her no-no's on -- it started to bleed yet again.

I totally lost it and screamed at everyone to go to sleep. Hahaha. Like that worked. That was around 9:30pm. This went on -- not the screaming by me -- until after midnight.

All things considered, Cassie is doing great this morning. And her lip looks good too.

Today is the big dental crown day for Chloe. She gets nothing to eat or drink now -- since 10am -- but we packed her full of eggs, yogurt, milk and juice. She should be good until we have to leave at 12:50pm. Yes, it's timed that precise since she has to have some anti-anxiety meds 30 minutes before we get to the clinic. Then when we get there she'll have some more. Please pray for Chloe today. Prayers for mama wouldn't hurt either. Here's a picture of Chloe from this morning. Poor baby isn't getting a lot of attention these past couple of days. I feel so bad.


Heather Hale said...

Oh Sherry, that would be me, too, losing it over worrying about her getting hurt or somehow "messing up" the surgery. I hope you can find a way to keep her more mellow. Good luck with Chloe today.


Dennis said...

How's Chloe? I'm so interested on knowing about your little girls. My wife and I are taking care of our twins too. Both Sandra and Sam loves playing around our house that we need to keep an eye on them to avoid untoward accidents. Last week, we brought them to the Germantown dentist's office for their first dental visit. They behaved well in the dentist's office and followed all the instructions given to them. Dentists (Germantown TN-based practitioners) know how to handle children well during dental check-up and cleaning. Thanks for sharing about your cute little girls!

lauren said...

Oh my both girls are troupers! Hope you are all doing well. Sending good thoughts to all. I hope Chloe's dental appointment went well and the anti anxiety meds did the trick. Glad Cassie is recovering so well in spite of the bumps and somersaults! Kudos for you on keeping it all together. Be gentle with yourself. I imagine it is pretty stressful when you have to deal with surgeries and dental work for both your little ones at the same time.