Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 8

Day 8 and another day with no naps. But the girls both were asleep last night by 9:30pm -- that hasn't happened since before Sonny went to China. Maybe the trend will continue. Or not.

Our doctors appointment was at 4:50pm today. The dr said Cassie's lip looks great. See you in a month. Then we spent some time with the nurse. She was shocked when I mentioned something about the antibiotics. Meaning she needed to verify this info with the dr. When Peggy - the nurse - checked, she found as she expected that Cassie should not have been prescribed the antibiotics. So much for the intern/resident helping out. That's one less thing to worry about now. The dr also said to stop using Tylenol and only use ibuprofen -- that it would work better for this type of pain. And that the remaining stitches would dissolve in another week or two, but we could hasten the process by using Neosporin on her lip because it would help dissolve the stitches faster. Another week with the soft diet and no-nos at night and then back to a normal diet and no no-no's. Cassie can even suck her thumb if she wants to in another week. So basically keep doing what we are doing for another week.

Cassie was promised an umbrella last night if she would wear her no-no's. So after the dr appointment we went to Target and the girls weren't impressed with the two umbrellas they had. Instead they got Crayola fingerpaints for the bathtub, dresses and new baby penguins. We'll see what else we have to promise to get her to wear the no-no's for another whole week.

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groovy mama said...

I love the pic of the girls feeding there 'babies'...
so cute, i love sisters!.....I wish i was 'allow' to get Ella a sister!....