Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Surgery update

The hospital just called with our surgery time and instructions. The surgeon has a very full schedule tomorrow and Cassie's surgery is scheduled for 1:30pm. We were hoping it was going to be early in the morning but we'll of course make this work. Here's the breakdown of our schedule:

11:30pm tonight -- I think we'll be having a snack. Maybe some soup -- Cassie loves soup. It's going to be a late night for everyone.

Midnight tonight until 10:30am -- Cassie can have apple juice, slurpees, and popsicles. The colder the better -- is the instructions. I think daddy will run out for slurpees when Cassie wakes up - that will be our breakfast. By the way, my girls have never had sluprees -- this will be the first -- I'm hoping it will keep Cassie distracted enough that she won't notice that she's not getting food. I'm also hoping that between the slurpees and maybe playing with some play-doh, it will keep her busy until we have to leave for the hospital.

10:31am until surgery -- Cassie can have nothing to drink/eat.

10:31am until 11:30am -- Work magic to keep Cassie busy since she can't anything to eat or drink. We only have to do this for an hour -- as we'll be leaving at 11:30am for the hospital.

11:31am until 12:00pm -- drive to hospital.

12:00pm until surgery -- Registration and then I have some mini little play-dohs that have molds in the lids -- we'll be taking these to the waiting area for the girls to keep busy with. I also think I have a roll-up placemat thing that will work for the play-doh. Plus their laptops will help keep them busy and will help keep Chloe busy during Cassie's surgery. Yes, we are taking her with us.

I'm also going to beg for them to give Cassie some versed when we get to pre-op. Our hospital doesn't normally give it to the kids before surgery. Only in certain cases. I'm praying I can make it happen tomorrow.

I took this picture a couple of days ago while the girls were playing with their play-doh. It's a great pictures to show what Cassie's lip looks like now. The before. The lip mama loves. The lip that brought us together. Now, it's time to reshape her lip like we have reshaped her life the past 20 months. Her lip won't ever be 'prefect' and neither will her new life with us. But with God guiding the surgeon tomorrow and God guiding Sonny and I to raise her I think both will end up being amazing -- just like our little girl. Please keep Cassie in your prayers.


groovy mama said...

Such kissable lips, i will hold you in my prayers tonight! Keep me posted!

Melissa said...

I will be praying for little Cassie and keeping the rest of you guys in my thoughts and prayers too. Sounds like a good plan with the Slurpees. Darby only gets them on special occasions but they work magic and she thinks they are the greatest.