Monday, May 04, 2009

Fun and interesting far

Hi everyone -- I finally -- almost -- feel human again -- and it's Monday at 9:46pm for us. Everything since about half way through the LA to GZ trip is all running together. Between the scare of us not getting here because of the swine flu, the long flights, no real food and no shower for days -- I didn't know if I was coming or going. I think that's what typical jet-leg is. Then add in all the extra stuff and it gets really fuzzy.

So on to some fun and interesting facts:

1. Our guide Jerry is great. He's kind and funny. Loves Cassie -- but who wouldn't. He even brought me a dozen rose when he picked us up at the airport. So now he's tied with Sonny for the number of times he's bought me flowers.

2. Kunming is hot and muggy. There are mosquitoes here too.

3. Our hotel is very nice. Very few people speak English here at the hotel. OK -- I think one person does. Ordering room service last night was like a Laurel and Hardy skit. We found the room service menu written in English with American food. We thought -- cool -- we're in luck. Sonny called twice and they hung up on him twice about 40 seconds into the conversation. At that point we just looked at each other and were trying to figure out our next move. Then there was a knock at the door. They sent some poor young man up in a waiters outfit to the crazy Americans room with a menu. He spoke no English -- but came prepared. He had a menu and Sonny pointed to what we wanted and used is fingers to say how many. 20 minutes later we have cream of mushroom soup, spaghetti with meat sauce, fried rice, apple juices and two Buds. All was right again.

4. So far Kunming City looks like Chinatown in Chicago to me. Or maybe it's Chinatown in Chicago looks like China. I guess that makes more sense.

5. Because of the swine flu scare around the world we won't be able to visit the orphanage. We are disappointed but understand. We know that they need to protect the children. But, we will be back some day to visit. One of the orphanage directors -- I think there are two of them -- one for the kids in the actual orphanage and one for the foster village -- I could be wrong -- see number 1 about jet leg. Anyways, she stopped by today to drop off a book about the orphanage and foster village for us/Cassie. I had also brought a book called 'When you were born in China'. We also had her write a message in it for Cassie. We are trying to piece together as many positive memories from her village and country as we can. It's very important to us that she is proud to be both Chinese and American.

6. Jerry took us to lunch and dinner to the same Chinese restaurant today. It was wonderful. We have two traditional Yunnan dishes. Very yummy. Then some potatoes tonight that were great. And yes, there are other options here besides Chinese food. There are also Thai food places, KFC and Pizza Huts here. I'm sure there are more non-Chinese food places I just haven't seem them yet.

7. In Kunming there are 7 million people. I think we have seem 700,000 of them so far.

8. From the bathroom scale and weighting myself, then myself with Cassie we think Cassie weights 17 lbs. I had Sonny do the math and conversation to pounds since I can't do math and have jet leg at the same time. That is a fact. And not a fun one.

9. Today Cassie wore a Carter's 9 month one-piece outfit. The sleeves were about 1/2 too long and the leg length was about 1/2 too short. So basically it worked.

10. I brought size 4 shoes for her. They fit but are a tiny bit big. Again -- they work.

11. Cassie had her very first bath tonight. In the bathroom sink. We didn't want to freak her out too much with the tub. She did great. Daddy took pictures. We'll post them soon. I'm too tired to figure that out right now. Daddy is in charge of that while we are in China.

12. Cassie will let daddy feed her now. Not hold her -- but feed her. More baby steps.

13. Cassie screams when placed in a high-chair. Because mommy's lap works so much better. She's helping with the diet -- since I can't eat when I'm feeding her.

14. After the bath tonight I was going to try a pair of 12 month two-piece pjs. When I stood her up the bottoms fell off.

15. She fits into size 2 pampers diapers. Because her butt is so tiny.

16. Last night and tonight she's wore a pair of 6 - 12 month one-piece pjs. The fit great. Maybe a tiny bit too short. But who cares -- they are pjs.

17. She's a hot and sweaty baby. Her tiny nose always has itty-bitty sweat drops on it.

18. She sucks her thumb when she's tired, nervous or scared.

19. I brought 5 different types of pacifiers. I guess I brought the wrong 5 kind -- she doesn't like them. I thought I'd get sneaky and I but a tiny bit of sugar on the tip of one. About the 4th time she didn't spit it out. She sucked/licked the sugar off of it and handed it back to me for a refill. Very cute - but it didn't work that time. So I guess it's the thumb for now.

20. She has 2 teeth on the bottom, one on the top and two poking through on the top.

21. She and daddy are sleeping and I need to join them.

Good-nite from Kunming, China!!!


Susan said...

Hi Honey!

Good job with your posting! I am very impressed to say the least. Sorry I had your guide's name wrong. I swore you said it was going to be Michael, but hey if Jerry is bringing you flowers and taking good care of you that's all that matter. I'm so glad to hear Sonny got the feed Cassie. That is one giant leap of faith for her to take, and I'm sure she'll be in his arms in no time.

The weather here is beautiful today -- sunny and in the 60s. Still a bit cool for me, but if we're in the sun all is right with the world. Of course, I'd much rather be in humid Kunming with you all right now toasting our upcoming Mother's Day!

Susan (Maiya is napping)

Lesa said...

Hi Sweetie,

I love the post with so much updated information!
I'm totally impressed that Jerry brought you flowers. That was extremely thoughtful of him sounds like Sonny needs to take lessons? ha
I agree with Susan about the giant leap of faith to allow daddy to feed her. That must have thrilled him.

I don't like humidity no matter what, but warmer would be okay.

Today is Lacy's 25th birthday. I have been thinking of how tiny she was even though she was 8lbs. 8ozs.
Good to know that Cassie is 17lbs. I swear that is how much Wendy weighed and the sizes she was wearing as well. Mike says 16lbs., but I remember 17lbs. ha Besides, who's the momma?lol

Love all the info. keep it coming!

love you,


Drea said...


Love the post! We never had any fun adventures with room service! Its funny to think back on Mia's behaviors when we first met her, and thinking how in a few months Cassie will be soo different! (in a good way though!) Enjoy your time, oh, and the not wanting to sit in a high chair sounds familiar! She also sounds like she's quite on the ball with the sugar on the soother thing! Too funny!

Pam said...

What a great chronicle so far of your first few days in China and with Cassie. You do learn so much so fast about their wants and needs. It really sounds like Cassie is doing great and already making great strides with the two of you. Can't wait to see the bath pix!

Lynn said...

Great detail! We had the same problem with room service. It was hilarious. We weren't sure what we would get. Glad Cassie is warming up to Sonny. And, the sugar on the pacifier, cracked me up. She is one smart girl - get the good stuff and move on. :)

Cynthia said...

Your post was wonderful. I am so glad things are going well for you all. Bravo to Daddy for being able to feed Cassie. Pretty soon he will be holding her. Hope you had a good night sleep. Can't wait for the pictures.
love ya Cynthia

Kay Bratt said...

Good post.

Our first night in China we had a similarly hilarious phone exchange but we were trying to get toliet paper! Finally, my husband roamed the halls until he saw a maid and stole some from her cart.

About visiting the orphanage. Sometimes if you insist....they will relent. Tell them you will wear a mask and wash up, wear slippers, etc... Try again while you are there!