Monday, May 04, 2009

Photos - because you asked :)

At the Civil Affairs Office

Bath Time!

Lunch (Chicken-Peanut, Grass, Cabbage, Pork, Congi, Rice, Dumplings. YUM!!!)

What's this? An eletric moped. No tailpipe. Many of these in Kunming City.

Come here to get your baby's Passport. This is a bit like our Secretary of State office.

At the Civil Affairs Office. Mountains of paperwork. Sign this, sign that, sign that again, fingerprint here, footprint there, etc. Three other families doing an adoption today.

Artwork at the Civil Affairs Office.

Civil Affairs Office - In case you forgot, you're in China.

Entrance to the Civil Affairs Office

Nightime in Kunming. Part Times Square, part Los Vegas, all China. Lots and lots of moving lights. Very impressive.

Naptime in Kunming. Our precious angel sleeps.


Lesa said...

OMG she is so precious!! I have fallen in love, Sherry. Poor little thing does sweat quite a bit doesn't she.

Keep them coming... love seeing everything.

Susan said...

Thank you!!!! I love all of them, but especially the one where I see what shoes you are wearing! You know, the one with the Born wedgie clogs! Okay, that's not true, I like bath in the sink best! It really shoes how tiny she is! She looks healthy and very comfortable in the water with her momma bathing her.

Can't wait to see what's next!

Lesa said...

Okay Susan, you are somehow stuck on shoes. ha
Sherry, they look painful to me, but I can't wear heals like

Cynthia said...

Great pictures. She is soooo cute. Such a beautiful sleeping angel. Bathtime looks like so much fun. Easier on the back doing it in the sink vs a tub. Thanks for sharing. Can' wait for the next round!!!!!

M & M said...

Thanks for posting the pics. You little one looks like she is every intersted in whats going on. She is just darling. I dont see any barrettes in her hair yet??

Taiwan is full of scooters, it's really unbelievable...too bad they aren't electric though. Lots of exhaust fumes.

Hope things are going well with her adjustment.

Love the sleeping beauty picture.
Love, m

Drea said...

Loving the photos! She really is a tiny peanut isn't she! Good thing you're liking the food! And its funny to see the civil affairs office pictures, their office looks as nice as the one in Zhengzhou! Have fun!

Pam said...

I'm loving the shot of Cassie bathing in the sink! She looks quite at ease. Good idea not to overwhelm her with a big tub.

stephLAgwca said...

tell her all her aunties at 'the wall' love her!!!

michelle said...

great photos, what a sweet pea!!! thanks for sharing, she is beyond cute!!!! love michelle

Melissa said...

Thanks for posting all the pics. Can I tell you again that you have a beautiful little girl?! Every picture is just better and better. Thank you for indulging us. She looks perfectly happy to be with her Mommy and Daddy right where she belongs!

Lois said...

Sherry & Sonny:
The joy on your faces is priceless.
Your little princess is such a cutie. Can't wait to see her and possibly hold her at church.
God's blessing to you.
Lois (ggblib11)