Saturday, May 09, 2009

Shopping in Kunming

Silk outfit from the silk factory in Kunming. It's a corduroy jacket and pants -- but all made from silk. I bought it big -- don't remember the size -- it's a China size so I was clueless.

A meter of silk fabric - also from the silk factory.

A jade ring for me -- I bought this from a shop at the Minority Village.

Also from the Minority Village -- a hand embroidered piece of fabric -- I think it's a small table cloth. (Cassie was helping mommy take pictures -- since we do everything together).

Didn't buy this -- this was a gift to Cassie from the orphanage. It's a sterling silver necklace that means longevity. The little round things are bells. It's very pretty and was so nice of them to give this gift to Cassie. Mommy will save this for Cassie until I know she's ready for it and will take proper care of it. It's another priceless piece of her past.

The chop we had made for Cassie in Kunming. It has her Chinese name and her American name together. Also pictured is a little minority doll that the hotel gave her.

Mommy's 'cheap' jade bracelet. But, I like it. And it fits over my knuckles -- that's a plus.

Princess Zhen-Zhen's two jade bracelets and her jade mouse charm.

Oolong tea we bought and paid WAY too much money for. And two free 'pee-pee boys'. Really -- that's what they are called. They are used to tell if your tea water is hot enough. Or so that's what they tell us silly Americans. You pour water over the pee-pee boy's head -- after he's been soaking in a glass of water -- and if the water is the right temperature he will pee. And he pees pretty far too. His mama must be proud.


M & M said...

OMG I LOVE you purchases!! Im so completely jealous. They have such great things in China!!

Thanks for sharing.

Lesa said...

Okay, so you did shop. Good, I'm very proud!
Now to read your post about all of it.

Lesa said...

I really think I would love Kunming. What nice things they have and so sweet of the hotel to give the little doll.
We had a hard time finding little dolls from Wendy's area like that.
Also, that was so generous of the orphanage to give Cassie such a sweet gift.

Love, love the little pee pee dolls! Way too funny, and totally worth the price of the tea.

Pam said...

Love the silk outfit and the material. Gorgeous.

Cynthia said...

Sherry you have outdone yourself. Your purchases are wonderful. The gifts for Cassie are priceless and when she is older will appreciate them and be grateful for them. Love the little outfit you got her and the tablecloth is beautiful. Your jade selections are also beautiful.
You go shopping queen!!!!!!

Susan said...

I love her little outfit, and I didn't see anything like that in GZ. Great buys -- even the "cheap" jade bracelet. Love the other one too that is more amber in color.

Happy belated Mother's Day! Or is it still Sunday there? think not, by the time you read this.

Enjoy shopping with Ann and post those finds next!