Sunday, May 03, 2009

We are in Kunming

It's 2:06pm here in Kunming. We are sitting in our room waiting for our baby girl. Someone from the CWI will be bringing her to our room around 3pm. I've got most of our stuff unpacked. Sonny was able to take a quick shower once we got here. I didn't have time. So I have 3 day old hair. Looking kind of flat.

The flights were uneventful and we held up much better than I thought we would. The flight to LA was very choppy the whole way there. The flight from LA to GZ was very smooth. We both did get a few hours of sleep here and there during the 15.5 hour journey. Once we landed in GZ, it took a while to get off the plane. We have to wait for the team of quarantine experts to board the plane. We also have to fill out a form asking about our health, our exposure to anyone with the flu and if we had been around pigs in the past week. (Yes, I'd love to insert a funny comment here about Sonny -- but I won't) As we got off the plane we had to get our temp taken. It was taken with a gun thing pointed at our heads. While this was happening someone else was also taking our pictures. In GZ you get off the plane in the runway and then take a bus to the terminal. As we were walking down the stairs there were about 10 photographers snapping pictures like were were movie stars. There were also a couple of film crews there there filming too. Too bad I had sweats on, no makeup and hadn't showered in 3 days -- this could have been my big break. Once in the airport in GZ, we had another screening. Understandable due to the global health scare. We passed all the medical questions and testing. Then it was off to Kunming. That flight was also very easy and it was only 2 hours and 15 minutes -- a piece of cake compared to the other two.

That's it for now.
Soon there will be pictures of Cassie!!!!


Cynthia said...

Sounds like quite the adventure when you arrived in GZ. Glad you safely arrived in Kunming. Have fun...know you will :) Can't wait for Cassie to arrive.

Susan said...

Wow! What a welcoming to China! Nothing like we had, but I would've gone through it all just to get our little Maiya. Maybe you made the local news!

So, glad to hear you guys made it safely there and are now in Kunming! Enjoy every moment!

Susan, Maiya and Roger

Lesa said...

Goodness! Paparazzi on your first trip to China; you'll never be the same. lol

Glad that the flight from LA to GZ was smooth.

Keep the posts coming. I know that you will. grin


Lesa, Mike, Wendy,and Holly