Monday, May 11, 2009

More Guang*zhou, More Cassie

Cassie plays Peek-a-Boo while our guide, Kelly, looks on and laughs.

You just know we had to buy something here. How about a pair of "sq*ueaky shoes"?

Night skyline of Guangzhou.

Ba*th time at the White Sw*an hotel.

Mommy stays up late to catch Daddy and Cassie sleeping. "Snoring in stereo" is how she describes it.

Daddy, don't you think I look cute in this outfit?

We visited a temple from the last dynasty prior to the Comm*unist Rev*olution. These carvings are all over the roof of the entire complex, which covers about a full acre.

At the temple, a collection of teen*age Chinese gir*ls flock to a teenage girl who travelled to China with mom and dad for an adoption. The local girls are all thrilled to be seen with her, and all are snapping photos with their camera phones.

First time eating in a high-chair. A little messy, but not bad for the first time.

The White Sw*an hotel has a nice playroom set up for babies.

Cassie stands up on her sque*aky shoes, and looks down to Daddy, who's on the floor snapping photos.

Never seen carvings like they have here.

Same for the roaches. This one is (OK, was) about as big as my big toe.

This is the office where they take a photo of Cassie for her Visa. We need that for her to be able to enter the U.S.

And then it's off to the doctor's office for an examination.

Like any doctor's office, this one has a waiting room.

Cassie weighs 8.2 kilograms, which translates to 18.4 lbs. She's put on about a pound since we got her last week.

Daddy hated the dentist as a child. Looks like this is daddy's girl.

Cassie's head is about yea-big around.

This tree drops roots from up high, and they get big like branches. Pretty cool.

An even better example.

A million brides to be seen every day. Shamain Island is a popular place to get married.

Mommy gets an ice coffee, and Cassie licks the cup to cool her hot tongue.

Nap time at the White Sw*an.


Pam said...

Glad the medical exam is over. Doesn't look like it was too hard on Cassie...except for the tooth check. I like seeing the preview pix of the sites we are going to see ourselves very soon...I hope...except for the cockroach. Thank goodness he was on the sidewalk and not in your hotel room. How hot is it?

Lesa said...

Glad to hear she has gained a pound!
That isn't the biggest cockroach I've ever seen. ha Holly says that they are 3 times that size in Peru. gasp!
What size bed do you have there? King? I'm asking for that when we go!!
Cute denim dress you have her in.
It is about time we see squeaky shoes on that child, and a bracelet! So cute.
Sherry's Place has changed! Nicer and newer than when we were there last. Are you getting any etchings of her? You really should.

Enjoying every photo!! Well, except the roach. ha

M & M said...

Love all the pics minus the cockroach haha. Glad it was outside though right?

How cute Cassie looks with her new bangle bracelet!

Susan said...

Love the photo's of GZ. I even recognized Lucy's! Makes me wish we were there right now, other than it looks a lot hotter than it was on our trip. How many more days do you have left now, and what day are you shopping with Ann? Is that tomorrow? Tell Kelly that Maiya and Susan say hello, and that Maiya is doing wonderful. I think she'll remember Maiya if mention our travel group was with Claire (the seven year old) and Erin.

How's the pool?

Drea said...

So cute! Love those polka dot shoes! AHHHH, I'm missing all the great shopping in China! That cockroach is disgusting, I hate those!

Sherry said...

Morning everyone. Yes, we are also glad the medical exam is over. It was pretty easy for us -- no shots needed since we are pre-Hague. One 14 month old needed 5 shots. Poor baby. It's about 85 - 90 degrees here. Yesterday was the hottest. And I'm guessing on temp -- that just what it feels like. The air works great in the rooms -- didn't work at all in Kunming.

We have a king bed. We also requested no crib -- since Cassie sleeps with us anyways and it gives us more space in the room.

Cassie got one pair of squeaky shoes the first night here. The pink and white ones. Then the second day we went bad and got her 7 more pair.

We got here the bracelet (grade B) and a tea set the second day on a shopping trip with Kelly and the group. I love her bracelet.

Not sure if we are getting an etching of Cassie. Not sure I really like them or not.

Yes, the cockroach was outside and already dead when we saw it.

Right now it's 6:42am on Tuesday morning. Cassie and Sonny are sleeping. It's the only time I get computer time since I can't leave Cassie while she's awake for too long without her crying. We leave on Friday at 9pm China time. So we still have 4 more days here. Haven't gone to the pool yet. Kelly's going to the our CA this morning then at 3pm we are walking to some market.

I went shopping with Ann yesterday while Sonny and Cassie took naps. She is wonderful -- so sweet and nice. We had a great time. It was just very hot. I bought so much stuff we could hardly carry it all. I was gone 3 hours from start to finish. I did forget one thing -- a rattle bracelet. But, Ann told me where to get one. Of course it will cost me more now. Ii got too many things to mentions but some are two jade tea sets, jade chop sticks, a jade family ball, Cassie a jade ring for when she's older, a jade and silver mother-daughter pendent, baptism gown, 4 dresses, 4 two piece outfits, pearl set for her wedding, a wedding box, and a huge bag or misc stuff from the clothing market - non-clothing fabric items.

Got to run -- Cassie will be up soon and I need too shower first.

Love you guys and miss everyone!!!!

Lesa said...

So glad to hear that you have done a lot of shopping! I was wondering if you will be going to the Botanical Gardens? I bet that is the Quing Ping market not far from the hotel. It is an outdoor market. I think Patti went to it. We did not in fear of all of the caged animals.

Have a wonderful day today.

love and miss you!

Cynthia said...

What wonderful pictures of all members of the Spring family. I am glad so got sooooo much shopping in. Cassie gets cuter and cuter in every pictures. Enjoy the rest of your stay in GZ and keep on shopping girl :)

stephLAgwca said...

that baby looks SOOOO good on you!