Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sightseeing - Minority Village

On the way to Minority Village. I just can't get enough of these roofs.

The little princess inspects her flowers.

Need to get REALLY close to be sure they are the good ones.

Concrete albino pachyderms.

This particular vehicle sports exactly one horsepower.

Minority village is a large area which is divided into many sections, each representing one of the many minority groups in China. This is the entrance to one of those sections.

Our guide, Jerry, belongs to one of these minority groups. This intricate wood carving is common in his neck of the woods.

As are paintings on ceilings, such as these.

Cassie is a popular girl amongst the locals. People want to have their picture taken next to her. When we have breakfast in the hotel restaurant, all the tables around us quickly fill up, while the other tables remain empty. It's kind of funny watching people try to act inconspicuous when they "just happen" to sit next to us.

Minority village is situated near some very impressive mountains.

Once again, the roofs are impressive. Maybe that's a guy thing.

And incredibly detailed. All this detail is carved out of wood.

"Surface is dangerous please not close to"

The translation could use a little help, but we get the idea. "Stay away from the water, bozo."

I can't figure this out. Is this a guy riding a bike, or a bike riding a guy?

Far East Bellagio

This is a Bonzai Bamboo tree. I wonder if there are Bamboo chiropractors.

Soon, she will be in kindergarten, playing the "duck, duck, duck, goose" game. Until then, she can only watch the real thing.

The yellow blocks in the middle have raised lines on them. This is so that sightless people can feel the path beneath their feet. Pretty cool.

But even more cool - Cassie finally let me hold her. I got away with about 10 minutes before she decided that she wanted her mommy. Maybe I don't have cooties after all. Baby steps.


Cynthia said...

Woo Hoo Daddy gets to hold Cassie !! That is the best news. These pictures and commentary are wonderful. You both are doing such a fantastic job of blogging. You do us all proud. Have fun :)

Susan said...

I loved the roofs too, so it can't be just a guy thing. I agree with Cynthia, you're doing a great job blogging and keeping us part of your wonderful adventure.

Susan & Maiya (Roger hasn't seen this post yet, so I'm only signing for us gals)

Melissa said...

Sonny, you cracked me up too. So glad to see the picture of you holding Cassie. You look like the happiest daddy on the planet!

Lesa said...

I'm so thrilled that Sonny is holding Cassie now.

You know Mike got to hold Wendy in our room but out in public she was with mommy.

Love every bit of the photos.

Sherry, how does that bicycle work?? I now that Holly would love to ride one of these. Did you get any video of them?

I just hope when we get over there I can be as good a blogger as you have been.

Pam said...

So nice to see Cassie in Daddy's arms. Bet it felt pretty nice, too. I'm loving all the sights...thanks for posting so many pictures. It's making me pretty excited to get over there myself!

3peas1pod said...

Wonderful pictures. I see Daddy is making progress! Looking forward to following the rest of your journey!

Geo88 said...

I am glad that you guys obtained a visa for Cassie. Yang.