Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random thoughts

Hi all, yes we are still alive. Barely. hahaha. We expected the first week or two home to be crazy and a blur and we were right. My goal everyday is to shower -- most days I miss my goal. I just took my 3rd shower since being home. Didn't dry my hair -- no point -- plus my hair brushes are still packed. Cassie nor Sonny care what I look like. At least for now. And if they do -- I don't really care.

I know I owe about 38 people emails -- I'm so sorry -- but right now I get very little time to myself and I usually have three choices: sleep, food or a shower. The sleep always wins. The only reason I have time right now is Cassie is eating Cheerios in her highchair waiting for daddy to bring pizza home. And no -- that's not all she's eating. This will be the first time for pizza. I have been cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner since being home. Well, at least cooking for Cassie for breakfast and lunch -- I rarely have time to eat those two meals. Donuts and coke are great substitutes.

Sonny went back to work on Wednesday -- I'm not sure how -- but he's managing. I think he's praying for the long weekend.

So here are some random thoughts, events, facts and useless info since our last post.

1. Cassie is still amazing -- even when she's screaming, head-butting, and hitting me in the head because I took a coaster out of her mouth.

2. I have bruises in places I've never had bruises before. Which reminds me Cassie also pinches --- hard.

3. I got bit three times in China -- by Cassie, not Sonny or the mosquitoes -- but the biting has stopped.

4. Since the first night we got Cassie she wakes up between 3 and 7 times a night screaming, crying, or jumping around like a fish out of water. Talking to her softly -- reminding her that mommy and daddy are here -- and rubbing her back or belly seems to lull her back to sleep. The last few nights in Guangzhou, this was down to 1 or 2 times a night. Since we have returned home, the frequency has increased to 5 to 7 times a night. We also know that this too will pass. I really think the co-sleeping has helped reassure her that we aren't going anywhere and are always right there when she wakes.

Note -- in China she slept between us in a king bed. At home we have a co-sleeper (a fancy travel crib/playpen) next to my side of the bed. The one side of the co-sleeper is lower and is the same height as our mattress.

5. If Cassie sees or smells food she screams until fed. This was also getting better the last few days in China -- but since home we have gone backwards a tiny bit.

6. Cassie could careless if her diaper is wet during the day. But, at night -- watch out -- it must be changed ASAP.

Dinner break -- I'm back.

7. Cassie wouldn't drink formula or milk in China. Nor at home. The pediatrician suggested soy milk. One brand got a tiny taste -- then the bottle was thrown to the floor. She did drink 2oz of the Silk brand but didn't really like it. The pediatrician also suggested orange juice with calcium -- which she will drink. But, then we tried rice milk and she'll drink that. Yea!!! After a few weeks on the rice milk we'll try to switch her to good old cow's milk.

8. Daddy said Cassie eats like a trucker and drinks like a sailor on shore leave. She loves her juice. She even likes water.

9. Cassie had her first doctor appointment on Monday. She had two vaccines, seven tubes of blood drawn and three chest x-rays. Not a fun day for anyone.

10. On Monday Cassie weighted 18.6 lbs -- up .2 lbs since the previous Monday. She was 31.5 inches long -- she also grew 2 inches in a week. I questioned the doctor about that, and she said it was very possible with good nutrition.

11. Cassie is in the 90th percentile on height and in the 3rd percentile on weight. That's on the US charts. Our pediatrician -- who's also Chinese -- thinks Cassie is from Northern China based on her height. People in Northern China are taller than the people in the South of China where Cassie was found. And based on what we know about her finding place, this is completely possible.

12. Other than Cassie needing to put on some weight -- slowly per the doctor -- we have no other issues at this time. Or at least until the blood tests all come back.

13. Cassie did have some pressure in her right ear. The doc thinks it's from the flight and said to just watch for signs of an ear infection and to not let her lay down to drink her bottle.

14. The doc called on Tuesday to say that one radiologist thought Cassie might have the beginning signs of pneumonia. The doc didn't think this could be possible -- based on the exam the day before and asked another radiologist to read the x-ray. The second one thought it looked ok. However, just to be safe with our baby girl the doc wants to repeat the chest x-rays this coming Tuesday.

15. The flight from Guangzhou to LA was 13 hours. Cassie slept for about 3 hours of it. Guess what she did the other 10 hours? Full-blown temper-tantrum / meltdown. Needless to say it was a really long flight.

16. The flight from LA to Detroit was 4 hours. Cassie slept through almost the entire flight. We even had passengers tell us how good she was when we landed. Boy did she have them fooled. They should have seen or heard her on the previous flight.

17. Oh, the immigration guy in LA was a complete #%^&*! (naughty word) but other than that little disruption we made it home as expected.

18. Cassie seems to fit best in 6 - 9 month clothes and 6 - 12 month ones. But, only in one piece outfits. The waist on 6 - 9 months pants are still to big. Good thing it's warm out because the Carter's one-piece rompers work great, but she would freeze in the winter if that's all she had on.

19. I just love my baby girl. She's so amazing and changes and grows up a tiny bit each day.

20. Since home she is walking up a storm. And prefers to have no shoes on. It's easier to walk when you can curl your toes.

21. Cassie loves the dogs. Tehya is her favorite. Poor Tehya had been beat in the head with toys and blocks too many times to count. She either just takes it or walks away. Tehya is always in the same room as Cassie and sleeps on a dog bed right next to the co-sleeper while also leaning on the co-sleeper. Thunder is waiting for Cassie to grow up quick. Cassie is much too loud for poor old Thunder. He's been spending a lot of time napping upstairs. Cassie also loves Sage. But the squealing in higher notes that only Adam Lambert can sing has kept Sage from really checking Cassie out. Once Cassie sees the cat and the squealing starts Sage decides to find a quiet place to hide. Once Cassie is sleeping Sage jumps in our bed to check her out. While the angel sleeps none of us can believe this is the same child who giggles and squeals all day long.

22. And the remote and dog water are her favorite toys. Not really -- but it sure seems like it today. I hate saying no -- but sometimes a mommy's got to do what a mommy's got to do.

I hope these tidbits can hold you all over until the next post. And I promise more pictures are coming. Once we find the camera.

Again thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers while we were in China.



a blessed mama said...

You write the best posts! I am amazed that you found time to even do this. Sounds like you are settling in as a family. The night awakenings will start to taper off, I'm sure.
I laughed when you said that Cassie hates milk. Thomas gags on it so we gave up. We have not tried rice milk - maybe we can. We also do the OJ with Calcium. Can't wait to see pics!

Lesa said...

Love the post, Sherry. I know how tired you must be. Wendy did the same thing while first at home. Up all the time during the nights. NO sleep for us at all. Luckily I had the big girls home, and they helped with food and coffee.
Can't wait to see the photos. I'm glad she is a happy girl! Sorry the flight to LA was hard.

Good to hear from you.

M & M said...

Oh girlfriend!....did I write this post for you???

Glad to hear from you. Take what you can when you can...

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love ya.

Pam said...

So glad to hear from you! Those first days home are overwhelming...for everybody. I was wondering what Cassie would think of the dogs and the kitty. Sounds like they are beginning to form a relationship of sorts. It took a few months for our cats to get used to Isabel since she would scream and laugh and flap her arms every time she saw them during those first weeks. Now they're all good buds. Hang in there, kiddo. Things get better and easier day by day. Love you!

Melissa said...

So glad to hear that you guys are starting to adjust. I hope you can get over the jet lag soon and that Cassie starts to sleep through the nights as the days go on. I enjoyed your post and I am now thinking about ways to make our lives easier upon return home from China. Can't wait to see some more pics and hear more. Take care of yourself and get some rest when you can get it!

Susan said...

MIchele, I was going to say the exact same thing! This is our life now too, at least a lot of it is... but I wouldn't trade it for the world! Sherry, I promise that every day will get better.

Oh, and as far as the rice milk goes, it did the trick for us too! Just add a little milk to it over time until it becomes more milk than rice milk. Maiya is now on 2% and whole milk at restaurants. Yes, we're doing restaurants about twice a week. Some days it's a breeze, other we want to run out of the place and take our dinner with us!

By the way, I'm sending you a package of 3-6 month stuff, as well as some 6-9 month! It'll be there sometime next week!

Sherry said...

I knew you guys would know what we are all going through. It's getting better every day. Cassie's still sleeping right now and was only up 3 times last night. That was great for her. Maybe we have crossed another bridge in the adjusting.

And twice yesterday I added some whole milk -- 2 to 3oz -- to her rice milk bottle and she didn't notice the difference. More progress.

And thanks Aunt Susan for the clothes. You guys all laughed at me and my buying clothes. Now that I've given all the tiny sizes away, I need them. Kind of funny. I'm sure in a month or two she's grow out of the 3 - 6 & 6 month sizes.