Wednesday, May 06, 2009

More sightseeing, more Cassie

Cuddle time with mommy.

Cassie has everything she needs right here. And so does mommy.

Dinnertime. Mommy and Cassie stayed home. What's on the menu? Let's see... Seaweed, pigs-ear, duck-kidney, chicken blood, quail eggs, pig stomach. And these are just the appetizers.

Tai Chi at Green Lake.

Cassie looks away as the ducks frolic behind her.

This is a bugs-bunny-ish planter.

Look up - what's that? A banana bunch.

Cassie the horticulturalist checks out this particular banana tree. Apparently it met her rigid standards, because she didn't cry.

Family photo on a foot-bridge over a section of Green Lake

Shopping for Jade bracelets. Mommy gets her hand soaped up for a fitting.

This is carved out of a bazillion-year-old tree trunk.
I'm pretty sure George Jetson works here. Or maybe it's the local bus station. That's what our guide tells me, but it sure looks like Jetson's workplace to me.

So, how does a lady maintain her dignity while riding two-up on a moped? See below.

Nice job. Not sure this is safe, but it's dignified.

Speaking of dignity, this is a common toilet. Mommy had to use one of these yesterday, with Cassie strapped to her. Logistical challenges beyond comprehension.

More naptime. I could take these pictures all day long.

This little furnace just will not tolerate blankets while she sleeps. Put them on, and she kicks them off.


Cynthia said...

These pictures are wonderful. It is so nice to see Cassie doing so well. She is soooo cute. You all look so happy together. I love the Mommy and Cassie pictures. Thanks so much for your wonderful posts and all the great pictures. Can't wait to read more.

Lynn said...

I feel like we are on your trip with you. Thanks for capturing all the sights. So glad you survived the squatty potty! I love the sleeping pictures too. So peaceful.

Susan said...

Great additions to your blog! So, did Sonny try all of those little dishes? And, did you get a bracelet? You know, I think I only did the squat pot once while we were there, and that was at the Civil Affairs office the second time back to finalize our paperwork with Maiya.

So, let's see, is there one more day for you in Kunming now? Enjoy your last day!

Susan, Roger and Maiya

Pam said...

Yes, yes. Tell us about the jade bracelet. Cassie is a good napper. Is she sleeping all night, too? Seems like the transition has gone so well for her. I'm so happy.

Lesa said...

Sherry, that is how Wendy was when we got her. The covers never stayed on. If I wanted her to be covered the pj's had to have legs.
I think that once they realize they can be without the layers they have on them off they love the freedom.

That is one pretty clean squatty potty. ha

What's up with the soap and the Jade? I don't remember having to have that done.

Oh, the first photos of you is exactly how Wendy and I slept. ha

Mary said...

What a little darling Cassie is! Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences, Sherry! I'm still trying to figure out that squatty potty, though. Hmmm. That may present a problem ;) Take care and keep the photos coming!

Drea said...

Great photos guys! I'm so glad that you all seem to be doing really well! Mia never kept the covers on either! She does now but it took a long time! And, she is a little furnace too, way more than the boys. They must have something spicy in their blood! HAHA!